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Submission dates

Opening of abstract submission > 20 January 2020
Deadline for abstract submission > 30 June 2021 15 April 2021
Deadline for poster submission >12 September 2021 15 April 2021

General guidelines for submission


  • Abstract submission implies that the primary author has the consent of all authors and has obtained necessary institutional clearances.
  • Research results and/or conclusions must be completed at the time of submission.

Abstract Submission 

All submissions must be completed electronically. No hard copies will be accepted.
Please read the following instructions carefully before clicking on the links to begin an abstract submission. Abstracts that do not comply with these instructions will not be reviewed.

  • Abstract must be submitted during the submission period.
  • Submitter should be one of the co-authors of the abstract
  • Submitter should create an account before submitting your abstract.
  • Complete and submit all required fields in the online form.
  • Be sure that your abstract has been switched from draft to submit before the closing of the call for abstracts


Abstract Format and Content

Abstracts are brief summaries of the overall goal of the work and the specific ideas or concepts that will be presented, including outcomes and implications for practice.

  • No special characters, subscript and superscript in the Title 
  • Please limit abstracts to 400 words, i.e. one page.
  • Include maximum 2 images with your abstract (500 x 500 px max).
    One image will be equivalent to 50 words. They will be placed at the end of the abstract so please refer to them properly in the text.
  • Create tables with your abstract directly in the online form because some tables can be misread by the software.
  • References are optional but encouraged. Please limit references to the 5 most pertinent citations and include them within the 400 word limit.
  • A draft mode allows you to save your abstract before submitting it. But once your abstract has been submitted, it will not be editable. Proofread your abstract carefully before submitting it. Any abstracts that have significant typographical or grammatical errors, particularly any in the title, may be disqualified.





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