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The EURADH 2020 conference will construct the Scientific program around 8 fields divided in 14 topics in order to cover the largest field possible.
These topics will be used for the abstract submission.

Surfaces SURF1 Surface preparation for tuning bonding: cleaning, functionnalization
SURF2 Surface properties: friction and adhesion, wettability and surface/interface interactions
Novel chemistry NCHEM Friendly structural and soft adhesives, smart adhesives, biomass derived adhesives, stimulus sensitive adhesives, sustainable adhesives and coatings, nanotechnology
Bioadhesion BIOAD Medical applications, biomimetics, biofilms
Soft matter SOFT1 Gel and elastomer adhesion, rheology and adhesion
SOFT2 Fracture mechanics: analytical and numerical approaches
Durability DURA1 Durability of interfaces: ageing, fatigue, creep…
DURA2 Recyclability, dismantling, healing or self-healing of bonded structures
Structural bonding BOND1 Adhesion testing, including non-destructive and high rates
BOND2 Bonding design and fracture mechanics
Advances in process PROC1 Organic additive manufacturing: structural and soft materials
PROC2 Composite joining, welded assemblies
Novel tools TOOL1 Methods for characterization of interfaces, interphases, surfaces and multimaterials at different scales
TOOL2 Quality procedures, non-destructive testing and standardisation





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